This guy lives in Arizona with his wife and they both ride harleys, so if youre on a bike ride and run into this guy steer clear unless you like freaky shit! My friend recently moved to Cottonwood and Jeff and his wife were the only people she knew. She had been hanging out with these people for 3 months, and they seemed fairly normal until last weekend. Jeff and his wife were fighting, and his wife notified my friend that she caught Jeff snorting coke and that he had been staying out all night sucking a guys dick. My friend assumed the wife was joking about that last part, and then later on that night Jeff came over to crash at my friends house while things cooled off. Jeff asked to take a shower, so he did and came out in the living room wearing a towel. Pretty soon he took out the rest of his coke to snort and proceeded to drop his towel revealing his . red frilly see-through womens underpants! They revealed that Jeff has 1 testicle and a peanut sized dick! He told my friend that him and his wife only have oral sex because of his penis and that he also bought his wife a strap on to fuck him with! My friend couldnt believe what she was seeing and wanted to believe he was just kidding so she snapped a few pictures laughing at him and went to bed. The next morning, my friend woke up and found Jeff ready to go back home. He told her, not a word of this to anyone and left. My friend found her camera in the guest room where Jeff had been sleeping. It was open and the battery was dead. She reloaded it with new batteries and found many pictures of Jeff in his panties with a beer bottle shoved up his ass! She also found a wraper for a package of personal lubricant in the room. And if this was not disgusting enough, there were more pictures of Jeff wearing my friends underpants! He actually went into her bedroom while she was asleep and stole a couple pairs of her underpants and took pictures of himself all over her house wearing them! I think Jeff is definetly a closet homosexual, and he is definetly sick and twisted. So unless youre down with a creepy freak wearing your underpants, DO NOT let him in your home!

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