This is my Husband of 13 years. He started his cheating spree within a year of our marrige with my 15 year old cousin & started online after sleeping with my friends & family & i was diagnosed with cancer & under going treatments. We are now Separated pending divorce. He currently has 24 online dating profiles also frequents craigs list. He plays the ultimate game with women with the same ploy he used on me. A victim of an evil cheating wife. When he is the cheater with 14 mistressÕ under his belt! He has a fantastic fisad that he is a wealthy man with a family owned buisness. Truth is he is an abusive man that bullies his parents into paying for everything he has or wants. He has NEVER KEPT a job for more than 8 months & hasnt applied for a handful due to his lengthy felony (Public ) record & inabillity to pass a drug screen. He drives a nice H2 Hummer to assist him with his illusion. He kept everything my 4 children & I owned including our car after having his parents shut off our power to our house & kicked us out for discovering his online cheating. He refuses to accept court ordered visitation of our children speak to or suport them at all. All of these women have fallen for his Lies including myself. Spread the word.

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