Jenna J Ross who is an adult actress, female adult entertainer or female adult performer is to be noted as a truly despicable race-hating racist and a condemned bigot who has targeted her skin color racism, skin color bigotry, and skin color prejudice towards African-American men or Black men especially. Jenna J. Ross comes from Boston in the state of Massachusetts, USA and has used other aliases or names such as Jenna Ross.; Her hateful racist bigotry and horrid skin color discrimination is due to the fact that Jenna J Ross greatly despises with the greatest amount of hatred the skin color that belongs to these African-American men or Black men. It is due to this fact that Jenna J Ross must be therefore blacklisted and denounced for her race-hating ways so that she is exposed for being the sinister, malicious, vile, vicious, corrupt, malevolent, black-hearted, heinous, villainous, and atrocious racist and hideous, appalling, and sick-making bigot she definitely and most certainly is.

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