Jennifer Delgado daughter of Gloria and Daniel Delgado is. WHORE! This is now the 3rd time she has claimed ÒmiscarriageÓ and blames my husband who I have been married to for 6 years! We had the misfortune of working together at the BEXAR county probate office until she got herself fired for sleeping around and indecent exposure while on the property! She met my husband and a work party went thru my personal belongings found his number and hasnÕt left us alone since! We have moved TWICE changed our numbers and have several restraining orders on her! This isnÕt the first or last time she has done this to someone eitherÉ SheÕs been to court multiple times for stalking and harassment! Be warned do not feed into her lies! She is a manipulative monster!!!!!

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