Jennifer Dumire is a supervisor at the NORTH Central Regional Jail in west Virginia. My husband used to work there when he lived in WVA up until 2010. Upon his divorce he moved back to Indiana in 2010. We met up in 2012 and were married in December 2015. Since we been together this woman has on and off contacted him via phone Facebook and even mail telling him how much she always wanted to be with him how much she missed him blah blah blah. He has not returned to West Va since we been together and she has not been here. This all climaxed in the last 6 weeks since we got married. She has texted and called him flipping out about how she thought they would be together and have babies and whatever. She has been creeping my profile and even threatened to contact me. She says I donÕt love him because I donÕt announce my undying love on Facebook on a daily basis. In short the fat retard is crazy and desperate. HeÕs always showed me her text and Facebook messages I know what heÕs said and sheÕs said. This bitch is nuts.

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