Much like the other females on this site ÒJenniferÓ knew my husband through work. She works at the local Courthouse and took his cell phone number from work to call him about a Òhot tub sex dreamÓ that she Òfelt he needed to know aboutÓ. From there she progressed in calling him almost daily complaining about her husband and marriage. She wanted out but ÒdidnÕt want to be the bad guyÓ. Jennifer knew that my husband was married to me because we live in a small town. She knew we have a family with four children. She has two little girlsÉnone of this stopped her. She offered to have sex with my husband in the car like a common whore. Ultimately she purchased a hotel room near his work for the two to have sex in. After my husband treated her like the whore she was she continued to try to solicit him into sex asked him to leave our family told him she loved him and when he refused told him that Òhe ruined her lifeÓ. Clearly she is delusional and crazy. She is no victim.; She is a weak woman who wants to improve her station in life. I donÕt blame her she lives in a shack across from a gas station outside of town. But instead of working on her own life she tried to ruin mine. She is a homewrecker and will continue to solicit married men until one of them is dumb enough to buy into her lies. What kind of woman asks a married man what they ÒlikeÓ about their wife? What kind of woman asks a married man if ÒheÕd ever leaveÓ his wife and kids? What kind of woman offers giving oral sex to a married man along side the road in a car for attention? A homewrecking whoreÉ.Jennifer K. Nuttall!

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