This dirty excuse of a person has had a 15 plus year affair with my now ex boyfriend. She has lied to me about their relationship. When I first found out about her back in 2008 she told me that she was just his friend and they hung out and he sold her drugs. Then she began to tell me stories of how he was addicted to sex and was with many other women behind my back. When I told her that I found pictures of other women in his phone she was very concerned and continued to ask me Òwhat other pictures I foundÓÉwell needless to say I found one of HER sucking his COCK! The cat or should I say cock was out of the bag and her cover was blown. Of course being the person my ex is he would laugh and say he never touched her she is disgusting she sniffs coke and he even went to the extent of saying that she was pimped out to other men. Whenever I tried to meet with her or even have a meaningful conversation to get everything straightened out she quickly changed her phone number and refused to communicate with me. Although Jennifer KNEW my ex and I had children together and a family and I was clearly hurting she DID NOT CARE.; She continued to harass and taunt me at all hours of the night calling me and saying things like ThatÕs your man but he Fucks meÓ. At first I didnÕt blame her because my ex had a rap sheet of cheating but I at least wanted her to help me confront him and confirm the truth. Instead she took advantage of my weakness and suffering and continued to harass me then to later say they were only friends. Of course he continued to deny it and said she was a druggie and her family was wealthy. Her father Dr. Submaranian Perumal is an anesthesiologist at Montefiore Medical Center and I am sure his family would be embarrassed to know what his daughter is doing. In October of 2015 My ex and my daughter and I were in the Supermarket my daughter was using his phone (she was playing games on it) and all of a sudden my daughter handed me the phone with a puzzled look on her face. There was a text message which read ÒLoose my number all you want to do is fuckÓÉ.this message was from Jennifer Perumal. My heart sank. I confronted him about it because it was now just obvious and he STILL denied any relationship with her stating ÒShes jealous because I told her I was going shopping with you she is upset because I overcharged her for somethingÓÉ.yeah two definite winners. Jennifer is still in hiding and refuses to provide me an explanation of why she has been involved with him for 15 plus years. She supposedly has a boyfriend as well Im not sure those could be just rumors. But her messages always included questions about me and if he and I were still together and then she would text me and say ÒHeÓ is a liarÓÉ.JenniferÉall of these years all you had to do was sayÉI want your man and Im sleeping with him I would have backed down completely and you could have had him all to yourself instead of sharing for the past 15 plus years and taking my sloppy seconds. You both caused me and my family unnecessary grief and are horrible individuals. Your persistence for sex caused me grief all you had to do was be honest.

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