Jenny Buttoner, Lima, Ohio, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Jenny Buttoner, Lima, Ohio is as follows: Now Jenny from the lot (parking lot) is the victim. According to her FB she posts quotes that state, Òdont be the woman that helps a man breakup his familyÓ. So she is the devil in disguise. She is also now playing the role of the victim. Also from her FB. Its amazing how people want to send messages and call me about how much of a terrible person I am it takes 2 to make a baby. My child is 10 months old. I planned on raising her by myself when I found out I was pregnant. Instead of being so concerned with what I am doing maybe you should take care of yours and stop attempting to contact me! How did she think things would play out and in her post why didnt she also state he was married. Guess that is selective memory.

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