Jenny Leiss had an affair with my husband that stand it off and on for 2 years. They are absolutely both at fault for this affair however my husband and I separated Christmas Day of 2015 because this girl wouldn’t quit calling privately called and recorded her and my husband together so that I could hear them or children had possibly the worst Christmas yes because of his affair but to know your place you don’t call his wife who has 3 kids with him three young kids of 14 years and record them so that she can hear it on Christmas Day we separated they were on and off for the three months we were separated he left her came back to his family and told her leave me alone I’m back with my family I want nothing to do with you. This girl has called him texted him emailed him relentlessly just offering s*x or sleep with you if you come and see me please please please. And no matter how many times my husband tells her I’m back with my family leave me alone she doesn’t get it. We have had to change our numbers emails everything I have contacted an attorney to start the process of a stalking order the police have been contacted. She got pregnant from another guy in the time that she was with my husband tried to lie to him and say it was his kid until the other guy called and my husband heard what he was saying. This girl is a mess if I can say anything my gosh just stay away from her she is a raging alcoholic she sells her dirty underwear online she was a stripper at one of the crappiest strip clubs in Portland it’s in fact been closed because all the violence she really is homeless has not really a job and no car no money doesn’t even have a cell phone has to use the Text Now app you know she probably would have been a pretty girl I’ll give her that but alcohol and cocaine and cigarettes she smokes so much have just ruined her I would hate to see what she looks like and about 10 years. All I can say to her is karma really really sucks and what goes around truly does come around please stay away from my family. I have also included a snapshot of another website she was put on for almost five years ago so this girl has been at this for a very long time

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