Jeremy Purdy is a recruiter with Intel Corporation in Phoenix, Arizona who is your textbook case of a creepy diddler. Jeremy Purdy scouts out divorced women and mainly single mothers with children ages 10 and under. Jeremy Purdy entices these emotionally fractured women with promises of committed relationships, a stable income, companionship, etc. but Jeremy Purdy’s sole objective is only thing — their vulnerable kids!!! This sicko Jeremy Purdy has been convicted of numerous s*x related offenses against children (he is listed on the s*x offender registry in several states) yet he moves from state to state under a new guise and false name just to fulfill his carnal desire for children. Thankfully, my kids and I didn’t fall victim to this predator once we found out about him. Women and children out there need to be caution of this serial predator Jeremy Purdy!

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