My bff has been married to her husband for six years Jermaine Lamont Sanford (aka Stretch aka Jay aka wisdom1001 aka handsoftime72 aka daddyshere37 aka professor093). He disappeared over a year ago with no explanation and my bff was devastated and hurt to say the least. She is too much of woman to make a fuss and doesnÕt like drama but I canÕt stand by and allow this man-child to get away with this any longer! Maybe heÕll grow a conscious and do right by her which I highly doubt since he doesnÕt even think other people are on the internet and who may or may not know our common friends and her family and can see what he is posting. I donÕt think he even has any remorse for all that he has done to my bff. We did not if this ASSHOLE was dead or alive for over a whole fucking year and my friend came close to losing her home (which she worked hard to get even before she married) because he did not provide her with any financial support after he left and she discovered he left her in financial ruin (he maxed out her credit cards left bills he was responsible for unpaid stole money) and jeopardize everything she worked so hard for!; He disconnected and changed his cell phone number. We were all genuinely concerned for his well-being and confused by his erratic behavior! He served in Army and saw combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq so a little mental health issue (PTSD) could have been a factor I assumed. He had a fucked up childhood too but so did my sister and she has come such a LONG way and I am so proud of her but thatÕs not even an excuse because plenty of people start life off bad and are able to become wonderful caring successful people my bff included. Maybe its me but I thought you were supposed to do better than your parents or how you were raised not do the same things done to you to other people! His father abandoned Jermaine Jermaine abandoned his son JermaineÕs father abandoned his mother and Jermaine abandoned my bff (I suspect thatÕs his modus operandi in his other relationships too. He NEVER had anything good to say about any female he had a relationship with not even a positive comment like she had nice teeth God only knows the lies and deception he is telling his current whore about my bff! Motherfucker all she ever did was love you unconditionally with all your shit! But you like to play the victim! SheÕs the fucking victim! Tell the truth bitch! It stops here no body else cared enough about you to stop your madness or call you on your bullshit but I will. You did not show up on or any other cheater website so this will be the first get a clue! This is for all the trails of broken hearts you have left in your path of destruction Leticia Michele Magda Norma and others). By the way doesnÕt the military have some kind of code of ethics regarding marriage? Oh he must have been absent for that course. Little did we know this asshole had a plan! He is such an idiot since not realizing that people know people somebody found him by way of facebook and sent my bff some pictures since she is not on facebook and lo and behold this idiot had the audacity and gull to post pictures of him and his current fat bottom feeder cow whore who he has been living with since June 2013 at 107 Devereaux Ave # 2 Philadelphia PA 19111(ever hear of the internet or google stupid! ThatÕs how I found your stupid ass! No PI needed!). He most likely met her on one of the many dating websites again someone who knew my bff saw him on and sent her the links ( By the way BITCH heÕs still married! He may have given you a ring or you brought it and he may or may not pay you back for it (as you are flaunting on instagram) but you canÕt be engaged to someone who is still LEGALLY married to someone else ! No divorce.My bff is by no way stupid either when the time comes she has records and documents which lay out everything Jermaine did and it will all be documented in court records ! In the mean time they are still legally married and there is no such thing as a legal separation in the state of PA. So if something happens to him my bff has every legal right to walk up in the apartment youÕre paying rent on and take his shit she can pull the plug not you YOU CANÕT DO NOTHING and YOU GET NOTHING! You are a nonfucking factor just something to put his dick in!). I was EMBARASSED and HURT for my bff of course one of us sent the current whore pig a friend request and she accepted and I saw all the pictures of places (IÕm sure she paid for she looks like a thirsty bitch to pay for some attention!) and the difference between their pictures and the ones my bff and us have with her husband is that he replaced us with a different family! Who does that kind of shit? Jermaine was angry with my bff like she wronged him but he was the one flaunting his affair on social media! Really? Come on! I personally told her she should have left his ass after the first week there was no excuse for what he did other than he was just plain EVIL and a con artist (not very good one either cause he got caught!) But what he failed to realize was when he married her he married our whole family and extended family and friends and when he left her he left us and he hurt us too. He still has an ass kicking coming from somewhere and somebody (people love and care about my bff even if Jermaine doesnÕt and all she has to do is give the okÉ.) But you know what a coward like Jermaine does what a coward does best and thatÕs run and hide (and this idiot was protecting our country? I wonder if somebody lost his or her life because of his selfishness and cowardice?).

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