We met in Dec 2016 . He answered an ad I had placed for handyman that was affordable . He drove almost 60 miles to help out at my home . He is a Master Plumber . Never charging me a dime . We developed a relationship that I felt was honest and wholesome . He had told me he was in a loveless marriage of 40 yrs and had started his divorce and it would be final in November of 2017 , stating it was a hard matter because of his wife wanting lots of money , her cheating and various other things but reassured me he had it all under control and his attorney was handling it . He had told me he was a 3rd Degree Mason , proudly . So with knowing that , I felt he had the utmost integrity and would be a really truthful person about what he had told me . In April , after visiting me each weekend , and many many dates , which included trips all around Ga , his spending thousands of dollars on our dates , as well as gifts , even a parcel of land near Lake Hartwell He asked me to marry him , move to his farm house and live happily ever after . I did , and it was so good , his friends were wonderful , the pampering me went on for about 6 weeks , then ended abruptly . I found out he owed 270,000.00 in IRS taxes , but the worst of all , was his wife , yes his wife , lived 3 miles away and there was never any divorce started . He became abusive , he began to drink , and do prescription drugs he got from people he knew including his family , narcotics , sleeping pills , anti anxiety meds Zanax , muscle relaxers etc etc …I got sick and had to have a surgery on May 31 and he took care of me while I was down , by letting me not work around the house and such … I had started working with him as a helper on small jobs and on some bigger jobs , he would pay me well in the beginning . But as time drew to an end for us , he wouldn’t pay me . I was looking for my own work by now but with my surgery just over it was hard . I refused to go to work for him anymore because the money he was making now was going to his wife , well he got mad at me for not helping and when I would help he would be viciously mean to me , cussing , throwing things and jerking things from my hands while on job sites . In peoples homes . Well I got a cash offer on the property he gave to me , we both had not said anything about that gift for months , well his eyes lit up , he said .. I CAN PAY MY HOUSE OFF WITH THAT AND GIVE MY WIFE MONEY TO PAY BILLS OFF . I was devastated over his saying that … I said no , I was investing it in a home as agreed upon in the beginning . He was cut , he began abusing me verbally , accusing me of all kinds of crazy stuff ….and I told him I was leaving …he told me I could stay as long as I wanted and I explained I was not going to live with a man who lied from day one to me . I packed some things to carry to storage and asked him for my money , 1000.00 he owed me , he said he would pay me in 4 days time , I knew he was lying . I loaded my van and went off to storage and later that afternoon he has his daughter send me a text message telling me to vacate her daddys house . His children would never meet me , they didn’t approve and now I full well know why …. he left me homeless , without a penny to my name and at the mercy of friends for a place to live … I had already left a good job and my own home to come here , and love a liar and cheat …. He is the most disgusting man I have ever dated , he is lazy , so lazy , that he p****s in a jug by the bedside while laying on his side because he won’t get up and go to the bathroom , and most mornings forgets to empty it , and when he gets off work , he sits in clothes that have human feces covered over on his skin for hours , refusing to bath ….there are so many gross stories to tell about this so called upstanding Mason , its insane !! He was at times suicidal and played the ” Imma kill myself coz no one loves me ” card . I hid guns so he wouldn’t hurt either of us .

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