Jessica Lynn Price is a nasty disgusting whore and she has been on a life ruining rampage for 7 years ruining at least 5 families I know of. She will become your friend and entice your hubby into thinking sheÕs a good woman then strike and tell him how much fun they can have behind your back she will catch them at a week moment and most of them she can get to leave their wife and then sheÕs done with them and on to the next dumb ass. She is a lonely miserable bitch! She owns Broken road horse stables on kingsway in seffner fl and her number is 813-758-8064 so please feel free to let her know what a slut she is for ruining all these childrenÕs lives. LetÕs not leave out how nasty and loose he said her smelly pussy was and one of her nipples hangs like squid wardÕs nose lol. She is basicly the lowest kind of human being alive and she will rott in hell with her rotten snatch. Her new bf died in February and she is already hunting married men I would have died too if I had to wake up next to her nasty ass! You can also find her at jessicalynn price on fb. Thanks for all the support my fellow scorned wivesÉ

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