Jessica Lynn weatherford or Jones(she uses her boyfriends last name sometimes) is a nasty hoe. She used and extorted as much money as possible from my husband for 9 months. She met my husband several times at a motel in cleburne tx and he went to her house on several occasions. I saw an email in my husbands outbox from a few months earlier that I didn’t recognize. She knew we have babies together and I emailed her and asked if they were having an affair and she said no. Money for sex. That’s what this hoe from Kansas is about. Her “husband” knew everything. He’s down for pimping out his hoe as long as the price is right! I know G-d is going to take care of these pieces of crap! He told me that he recorded every conversation they had! That’s extortion dumbass!! My husband tried to cut her off one month in and she said she had my number and would call me. I wish she would have! I would’ve made her regret the day she laid eyes on my man! I’m glad there’s a site to put crappy, shady, shitty people on blast!

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