This fat nasty just loves herself a man that’s taken !! Can’t help herself actually ! Pretty pathetic now she’s got 3 kids 3 different dads none of which are in their kids life.

Oh and one on the way and apon asking her if she knows who the father is she answers “I think so”…. I have told her over and over again to stay away from my fiancé and she just keeps trying to come back into our lives and mess everything up! We just had a child together and she knows all about it and still don’t even care she just wants what she wants and screw anybody else that gets hurt along the way… ladies if your man talks to her fat nasty ***** then do yourself a favor and get rid of him she’s a walking std. She’s been at this for a year now and just won’t quit! She’s the easiest ***** on the planet so fellas if your looking for some ***** she’s good. She will sleep with anybody and take loads even when she’s pregnant with another dudes kid it’s her specialty ??I have pictures of her nasty ***** waffle too so drop an email if you want to see what Arby’s looks like.


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Waterville, Maine

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