Jessica M. Archer, Valparaiso, Indiana, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Jessica M. Archer, Valparaiso, Indiana is as follows: I had a gut feeling something was going on so I checked my phone bill and there was a 219 number on there over 2000 times in December alone. There were some in January but not as often, so I asked my husband about it and he said its just an old friend that we have from the corps from Indiana.; I went on with my day but kept it in the back of my mind. Finally, I called the number and a girl answered, my husband said well maybe its Justins girlfriend, I said ok maybe. But it kept bothering me so I texted the number and asked if it was Justin. The text back said Òlmao.. Yes this is justin.Ó I knew then that it was a girl, no man texts like that so I asked my husband again. This time I said if you dont tell me who it is Im going to file for divorce and then he said ok its Jessica M. Archer, Justins ex-wife, but I didnt know it was her.; I thought it was Justin the entire time. I went online and downloaded a backup of my husbands Facebook and found messages and naked pictures going back to mid November 2014 that she had sent my husband of herself. And messages begging him to leave me for her and that she wanted out of indiana, she wanted to move back to Cali andÉ; This was the perfect excuse. Jessica M. Archer could move out here and be his support system for the divorce that he had to go through because I was batsh*t crazy. Take care of him in the bedroom and cook and clean the house, take care of our five kids plus her own. My husband told her he loved me and would try everything to make our marriage work, but she kept pushing the divorce and how crazy I was.; Jessica M. Archer was making posts on her personal instagram and Facebook about moving to Cali during this whole period. My husband said that once she even told him she made her computer screensaver at work a photo of him and he asked her to take it down. He didnt even like her like that, but after all he is a man. After I found out last Feb my husband begged me to stay, he had a lapse in judgement and had let a woman who knew just what to say, say it to him. He fell for the Devils temptations.; We are trying to move forward but last April her friend Denise replied on my Facebook to a message I sent in Feb asking what Jessica M. Archers phone number was. Her email was rude so I replied to it. Jessica then made a fake Instagram page, @noslutsallowed1027 and posted on a photo on my Instagram photos calling me a ÒFord PintoÓ. I called her out and since then shes been vulgarly trash talking my husband, my children and me on her personal Instagram @jessarch2381. Not only was Jessica trying to ruin my marriage of over ten years, but she has a boyfriend who shes supposedly had for over three years.; I contacted Rons cousin Ashley and even she had a nice laugh with me about it, saying Jessica M. Archer said that she was going to clean your house for him and cook? That girl is dirty and nasty and cant even keep her house here clean. My husband handed me the phone with all of the dirty messages and photos on it, but it fell out of my pocket at the theater. Some random person out there now has every dirty little text message and photo that was sent to my husband.

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