Jessica came into my life when my weak willed husband decided to have an affair with her. It started with him ÔhangingÕ out with her and telling me that they were just friends. And then one night while I was holding our toddler he said that Ôwe never should have gotten marriedÕ. IÕm starting out with this to show that he was just almost as much at fault as she was. He was stupid. But she was relentless. She had a boyfriend (theyÕre married now) and she had no intention of leaving him but she was adamant about my husband leaving me. She called him weak and told him that he had no balls because he didnÕt tell me how he Ôreally feltÕ. She was a hole for his dick she didnÕt know how he felt! She told him everything that he thought that he wanted to here but she didnÕt know me at all. The best part is that this wasnÕt the first time! Back when she was living in Hawaii she fucked around on her boyfriend (same guy she married! Is he that daft?) and still managed to get away with it! IÕve confronted her and sheÕs never taken responsibility for her actions! On top of everything I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I found out about the affair about 2 weeks after I had a mastectomy. She is a piece of trash. SheÕs also pregnant now. I wonder if she knows who the father is. I found some naked pictures and all of their chats that prove the affair but the picture that bothers me the most is the one that she took of my son. Just knowing that she thought she had the fucking right.

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