Jessica Rae Tapp here has been sleeping with my husband knowing he is married with a young child. They’ve known eachother a total of 4 weeks and he has decided he loves her and expects me to me ok with it. She has been confronted and stated that I should leave her out of it because it doesn’t concern her. This idiot thinks sleeping with a married man is ok. She also had a boyfriend when they started sleeping together. She took 2 different men to meet her kids in a matter of 2 weeks. My husband told me if I started dating, no man could be around our daughter. However, he has no problem jumping right in and meeting her kids. When he was home last, he’s only home 4 days a week, he could have gone to get his daughter and spent the entire weekend with her, instead he spent the entire weekend texting Jessica Rae. WATCH out for these two.

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