Jessica Trusdale prays on married men. she is in a wheelchair since her husband died a few years back with the poor me attitude . my husband and i have been married for four years he volunteers at church where she goes it started out as please push me around then they started texting each other. My husband keep insisting they are just friends. Now she posts about falling in love with my husband all on Facebook and he disappears for days at a time all while still telling me he loves me. I know takes two to mess up a marriage but its sad when i wrote her telling her heÕs married and to please back off. She laughed it off and says sheÕs always gets her way. i finally confronted my husband and he flipped out so now i will file for divorce as she continue to spreads her legs which is the only way she can get sex is the poor me act. So i you are in rio rancho watch your husbands lady this lady is a slut who goes after married men and destroys family with a seven year old son all while i am fighting stage 3 cancer and going through chemo !

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