Jill owns a gymnastics place JillÕs Gynnastics between East Ridge Tn and Ringgold Ga. She has been messaging a married man for almost two weeks. A man she knows is happily married with two kids. She has been texting his wife messaging her through Facebook telling her how Òintrigued she is by him and what a good Family man he has grown up to beÓ blah blah blahÉ The bitch is on all kinds of psychiatric medication sees a dr two -three times a week and is constantly mixing Xanax and klonopins with alcohol as well as slipping them to the married man she got drunk. If you know anyone who send their kid to JillÕs Gymnastics please warn them about this 37 year old quack!!!! She is a pice of trash.; If you like this post check out: ShesaCatfish.com

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