Jill Renae Maloy-Cameron (Formally Busler) has cheated on all her previous boyfriends, her last Ex Husband Tom and her current Husband “Lucky” Boyd Cameron in Sheridan, Wyoming USA.; Jill loves cheating with “Black Men”, whenever she travels away for work, sleeping with MANY MEN. She claims to be a Christian, but really she is the “Devil wearing Prada”! She will screw anything with a d**k and a heartbeat, but especially BLACK MEN. Her favorite is 3-4 men at once. She has STD’s, spreading diseases to all that she sleeps with. She is a disgusting filthy s**t, a w***e, the “FILTH OF SHERIDAN WYOMING USA”!
BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN, before she gives you a STD! #jillrenaecameron

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