This scumbag cheats on his wife with Melanie Oringer, known as “Camp Whore.” He pretends to go to entire weekend events. The First Virginia Regiment of The Continental Line covers for him and helps him cheat on his poor wife. The command staff and board of the First Virginia are all involved. Especially helping him cheat is Carl “Chip” Gnam, his best friend and dirtbag. He exposes members and children openly with no respect what-so-ever. Why not when you have the help of Gnam, president Mark Plourde, Ernie Dean, Marshall Smith, Brandt Heatherington, Joe Wagner, Gerald “Gary O’Brien ~ nothing but scum of the earth. I’m sick of explaining to my child what is going on and the board, command staff don’t give a damn! They are all apart of it!


One thought on “Jim Garner – First Virginia Regiment of The Continental Line – Springfield Virginia

  1. Whoever posted this must be unaware that once this issue came to light, Garner left the unit after an organizational review. I am looking into this as I don’t appreciate being implicated in something I had nothing to do with. I am not even in the unit anymore and have not been involved for several years. I would suggest removing this, as the full weight of legal options will be brought to bear on the poster. I will find out who it is.

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