Jim Garner of Springfield, Virginia, cheats on his wife with Melanie Oringer of Maryland. The two make out in public at reenactment events in front of members and their families – in fact in front of children! Jim Garner does this on the sacred and hollowed grounds of George Washington’s Mount Vernon (The groups cash cow!). The president of the group, Mark Plourde of Woodbridge VA, knows all about it and lets it continue. In fact, the entire board of the First Virginia knows and lets it happen in this “family” group. Melanie is known as the “camp whore” by the members. Disgusting. Carl “Chip” Gnam, a founding member of the group, has known Garner and his continual cheating for years and pulls all of the chords on his “puppet” president Plourde to keep him in the group at the cost to others in the group. The entire command staff are all friends of Gnam and rule the roost. The captain, Marshall Smith, also is fully aware of the Cheater and allows it to continue. A fowl and disgusting reenacting group. BEWARE. The First Virginia is known by all in the reenacting world as “Gnam’s” group. Gnam calls all the shots, especially for his Adulterous friend, Jim Garner, aiding him in cheating on his wife – what a great friend to have?! Jim Garner pretends to go to weekend long events, only showing up to one day in the morning, then continues on to a hotel to Cheat on his wife with Melanie Oringer. To make matters worse, Mike Gottard, a Maryland Police Officer, and Jim Connor, a FBI agent, know about the cheating, and the exposure to families – and Do Nothing. Wretched, Disgusting, Scum of the Earth – All of them.
The First Virginia Regiment has a public safety chair, Gerald “Gary” O’Brien who is supposed to end this type of activity – and does Nothing to protect the “Family” values unit. He’s just another old crony in the First Virginia Regiment.


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