Jim Garner, Springfield, VA, First Virginia Regiment of the Continental LIne, Mount Vernon, Fort Ward, Gunston Hll. Jim Garner is a filthy disgusting cheater. He shacks up with camp whore Melanie Oringer at reenactment events. The First Virginia Regiment Command Staff, Carl “Chip” Gnam, Marshall Smith, Ernie Dean, Gerald “Gary” O’Brien, Brandt Heatherington, 1st Virgina Board President Mark Plourde – all assist in Jim Garner cheating on his wife with the “camp whore” in front of the public and families. Law enforcement members like Maryland Officer Mike Gotard and FBI Jim Connor do nothing – as is their obligation. Shame on all of you! Gnam is the worse helping offender. Though, “puppet” president Mark Plourde is not far behind. Disgraceful. Disgusting. Scum.


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