This trifling church going homewrecker!! Started dating my friends husband KB in 2013 even on her facebook post they engage when he still married to his wife. My friend left her husband moved from Las Vegas. Now her husband and trifling JoAnn living together. Shes on Facebook pretending to be married to him wearing wedding rings. When this no good, low life, truck driver etc..still doing the same stuff he was doing with her on his wife with other women. KARMA To add insult to injury she wearing my his wife hat in this picture she left behind. Driving his wife car. Just nasty, big, fat sloppy, trifiling, fake Christian, nasty etc Whats funny hes tried several times to reconcile with his wife. This gap tooth cock eyed nasty bitch would die if she known times her husband/another woman husband was in town, but pretending he wasnt. Im so happy my friend filed for divorce and ignoring him asking her can he come back. JoAnn would die if she read the texts the man that so in love with her sends his wife. One thing for sure God dont send you a married man!!!

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