This is Joanne Sclafani. She is the definition of a HOMEWRECKER. I had heard stories about her around the city because it is a small town where everyone knows everything but I paid no mind to them because of course everyone is going to spread rumors about people they don’t like. However when I started noticing this girl sending private messages to my husband of 10 years, I became a little suspicious. I asked him about it and he said she had a question about something school related because our kids go to the same elementary school and he does most of the dropping off and picking up of our little girl so they interact from time to time. I trusted my husband and let it go. Fast forward another month and I get our Verizon bill. They number of texts have skyrocketed. There are messages from this one particular number all day and all night- very late night. I looked in his phone to see who the number is and it is saved as “Joey”. I knew something was up. I called the number one day from his phone while he was in the shower and a female answered “hey baby”. I hung up. Later that night I confronted him again about her and asked about the phone bill and he let it all out. They had been sleeping together almost since the start of the school year. She met him at a bake sale or something and pursued him relentlessly. I am not saying he is not to blame here but she KNEW he was married. She is not married because the father of her child cheated on her… what self respecting woman would do this to another woman after having it done to her? I hope she’s happy that she has ruined another marriage because like I said, I heard many rumors about her and didn’t believe them until it happened to me. She is the reason my little girl doesn’t get to see her daddy every day. She is the reason my life has been turned upside down. Yet what is she doing? Still going out and partying every weekend and telling her boyfriend she loves him- a boyfriend she stole from another girl. She can’t keep her hands off men who are already taken. Heed my warning ladies, this girl is rotten to the core.

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