This is an update on Jocelyn McCaw comma STD transmitter and Edmonton Alberta Canada.
at this point I had disappeared for almost a month. I’m only assuming that she is now moved on to another man. I have tried to reconcile with my ex but it’s not worked out. To make matters worse I was 4 months pregnant and on Sunday of this month I had a miscarriage due to the amount of stress brought by the little s***k, my ex-boyfriend and the fact that I have had to be treated for chlamydia and gonorrhea. To make matters worse conceiving a child is almost impossible for me it was told I may never have one. So any female reading this can understand how I’m feeling. I have found out that she works at a clinic called. Health and wellness and also at a hospital called Misericordia at both places I do not know what her position is. The fact that she’s allowed to walk around with a smile on her face. Without suffering no repercussions or may to be held accountable for the pain and suffering she has caused. If anybody knows who this person is please help to make her become accountable. Not only has she ruined my life but inadvertently killed an innocent child. Care to these allegations

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