This is an update comma all this little w***e who has wrecked my life. She has disappeared for about a month now. I’m assuming she’s moved on to another guy.
I have tried to reconcile with my ex but she has interfered to the point where it’s on repairable. Also tied to the fact that I was three and a half months pregnant. I have had a miscarriage due to the fact of the stress caused by her and and the treatment for a bad case of gonorrhea and chlamydia. I don’t understand how a person can act like this without any remorse conscience. She essentially ruined my life and subsequently terminated life of an unborn child. Makes matters worse is I was told that may never be able to conceive a child. This was the hardest thing to take. If anybody knows who this girl is please help me make her accountable and own up to the responsibility that what she has done.

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