So to start off I agree my (now) husband is to blame for this too however this little bitch is the worst human IÕve ever come in contact with. Joci moved to my school and we soon became friends. She folded herself into my group very slyly. She joined the JROTC class my (then) boyfriend was in. Joci became very close with all of us she even called my boyfriend and our other friends in the class Òfamily.Ó She told me that Ty (my man) was like a brother to her. Eventually she got too comfortable. She would go to parties with us & step in to tell me I wasnÕt dancing well. SheÕd show me the ÒrightÓ way to dance by grinding all up on my man. My biggest red flag was when we were on a school trip to Salem Mass & she called him ÒHun.Ó He smiled and said ÒI like that keep calling me that.Ó Everything snowballed from there. Ty ended up leaving me for Joci.; She told me she was on my side she hated him and she even blocked him on fb in front of me. Three days later they were dating & she was texting me calling me a stupid bitch ugly etc. DURING CLASSES. She left him a few days later & tried to be my best friend again. She told me she just dated him to make me mad & she didnÕt like him (totally untrue she was a whore and wanted to fuck). Not to mention the cunt lied about having cancer which came out as a lie months after she moved away. She seeks attention by threatening suicide & is a pathelogical liar. Ty & I worked things out after a few months but to this day (2 years later) I still have all of his passwords to his accounts.

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