This Homewrecking W***e had a ongoing affair with my now ex husband. Ruining our 25 year marriage. The first time I became aware of her it was a sexting affair and I believed my husband at the time that it was not physical. It was a lie, Now I know she wasn’t the first nor the last. I have since divorced this Cheater. However it has devastated our children. This woman has messaged my autistic daughter chastising her via face book messenger. My daughter was 11 at the time. It was so cruel and not necessary. She more recently blasted my youngest daughter on face book publicly. At this point she has stated she will not allow our daughters to have a relationship with the father Christopher Sean Anderson because they upset him and he has a health condition. Has completely destroyed thier relationship with thier father and turns the blame on me. This was not her first affair and it will not be her last. His either, once a cheater always a cheater. She spoke to me on the phone. She was well aware Chris was married. She didn’t care and he was no better. Unfortunately my daughters are heartbroken. They had a great father for years and now have NO relationship with him. Partly because of her – Jodi Robbins. The judge took away his visitation except for partially supervised and they blame me. The judge spoke to the children was not my doing. This Homewrecking W***e ruined my marriage and ruined two beautiful little girls lives… So sad, so tragic… I divorced him and have never looked back!

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