Joel Vollertsen passed himself off as a divorced father, relocating to the NC/Durham area from the Lincoln, Nebraska area to follow his ex-wife and daughter. His story is that he has an investigation business that allows him loads of free time. In truth, he is married and he has been an unemployed stay at home father to their young daughter. He has not worked in many, many years and he is completely supported financially by his wife. While his wife is at work making money to support his lazy ass, he is out trolling and fucking other women he meets via internet and his hobby of shooting. He offers women shooting lessons (oh the irony) and also asks them for business advice because he wants to start another business. He has also solicited many phone numbers (on the cell that his wife pays for) in the guise not only that hes divorces, but that he and his wife live separate lives . He pursued at least 2 women in the past 3 years. He led an actively public life with at least one other woman, being known in the community as a couple. Joel Vollertsen has introduced his daughter to at least one other woman, and was also taking school classes with her. He has gone to the homes of these two women and had sex during the day after he drops his daughter off to school. He gets sex in the truck that his wife pays for and has brought women to his home for sex while his wife was away. He is known in the shooting community at local shooting ranges and parks. Joels google search shows his history of where he has lived and his connections Ólook for yourself! His MO is to tell a sad story of how he was trapped in a loveless marriage and she trapped him with a baby he never wanted. His wife pays for everything he does and has been humiliated in public for many years. Joel says he is a Godly Man and has held his daughter and religion up as a shield to help him avoid the consequences of his dirty, adulterous behavior. Spread the word!!!!! Get it out to everyone you can! Watch out for this sick fuck trolling for business contacts or babysitting services . Joel Vollertsen a pathological liar, cheat and thief. Dont listen to a word he says because in a day it will be something completely different.

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