I was with Joelle proulx of southbridge ma fpr 10 years.i was always faithful and never cheated in her. It was not her leaving at first that really upset me it was what i found out after she moved out. I found out that for a year and a half a kid and bad boy wanna be Kevin Morales. When going through my accounts i found out that she was paying for all typea of things for him with my money. An sleeping with this guy when i was deployed and gone off to training qith my reserve unit. And had gotten pregnant 3 times by him and one other guy at her work oh by the way she qorks at bobs furniture in Worcester ma. She tricks people out of thier money amd tries to play mind games and plays the victim like the whole qorld is against her do not fall for her games she just a user and selfish b***h. All i know the guy ahe ia with ia a looser he made up some story about getting some high paying job that never existed and now he is p****d because ahe doea not have the money he thought she made HEY DUMBASS THAT WAS MY MONEY YOU BOTH DESERVE EACH OTHER SO LIVE IN MISERY IN THAT CRAMPED A*S 1 BEDROOM APT. Oh yeah the ex in the photo is the red head not the cute blonde

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