This “man” contacted me on Adult Friend Finder. We started messaging and then I went on his profile and noticed he was into swinging and had trannies, ladyboys, crossdressing men in bra and panties, and other kinds of homosexual characters on his profile. I was disgusted that an obviously bisexual man with no boundaries of who he sticks his p***s in would contact me. He made a big lie saying he did not know who these people were, never added them, he needs to contact support to get them off his page. I half heartedly believed him then I investigated his profile a little more and found he commented on one of these “strangers” page. So he knew exactly who these people were. Busted! I told him off and he knew he had been caught. This man is a HUGE liar! I’m just posting this for women to beware. If you don’t mind men like him, go for it. But I think many women would like to know who they’re getting in bed with. He is indeed a bisexual man. You can see this freak’s PHOTO at this link: Also click on my profile name to see him! And I have screenshots of his profile with the trannies and gay men, all the evidence. If you know him or want to see the evidence contact me at [email protected] !; UPDATE! I have now found out his name and this is his Facebook page:; Beware ladies!

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