John M. Rahe, MD is a doctor who works where I work, at Pediatric Associates of Dayton. I pity his poor wife because he is carrying on an affair with a married nurse for over 2 years now. John M. Rahe, MD is 16 years older then this nurse, they flirt at work shamelessly and meet during work hours and after work. I am not sure if her husband knows, but this is not the first time this man has done this at work. I believe that John M. Rahe, MD is carrying on an affair at Dayton Childrens Hospital with another nurse, but I dont know whether they know about each other. This home wrecker should be put out there, because he is probably lying to those women, telling them that his marriage is over or that he is separated. Lets hope his wife will find out the truth John M. Rahe, MD 9000 N. Main St. Suite 332 VIEW MAP Pediatric Associates of Dayton Dayton, OH 45415 Phone: 937-832-7337 Fax: 937-832-4817

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