This guy John Robert (s) [email protected] now working under the name John Cooper told me he was from the UK, his wife passed away three years ago and that he didnt have any kids. He will keep up profiles and always adding new pictures. With the picture provided you will be able to see that this is the same guy. You will find him back on Meet, Badoo, Zoosk and I am sure many more. Went on a business trip to NY, than had to pick up his checks in Lagos South Africa, because the German company didnt pay him. Stupid enough I did send money. A small amount to NY via Western Union. He never picked that up???? When he got to Lagos, he said he needed money again to clear his checks and to pay the taxes. I send 1500, that amount he did pick up? Probably with a fake passport or something, because when you send money thru WU, you can pick it up in South Africa. You either have to have a bank account there or take someone with you that can verify you identity. I thought it was safe because the security for WU in those countries are tight. I guess not tight enough? He then got his clearance to leave the country, but than asked for money again for his ticket and hotel bills? So if you get into contact with this guy, dont send money? John Roberts scams people, and is probably still stuck in Lagos yea right. Unbelievable how low people can get to scam people. I came across other websites and posts from other women that he also tried to con people. He will change his story some times but it comes down to pretty much te same. Check his ip address, because it will be from Zweden Stockholm. Sad to say but nothing but a lowlife scum bag. Dating Complaints is proud to inform you of this person. Dating Complaints is always looking for suggestions. If you have any suggestions please email us at [email protected] God Bless Dating Complaints

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