Johnna Davenport now known as Johnna Linthicum pursued a married man as soon as she joined Air Force although she herself was married to another man herself. This so called woman pursued this man even though she knew he was married. Johnna did not care even though she knew this man also has a child with his wife. Johnna even said according to one of her Facebook posts Òthe heart wants what the heart wantsÓ even if this means tearing up someone elseÕs home. What makes this such blatant disregard for someone else is because Johnna also has had a baby by this man which she got pregnant by him before she divorced from her husband and before he divorced from his wife. Now she makes it seem like it is the other womanÕs fault that her husband betrayed the marriage when in fact Johnna did all she could to break the marriage so she could elope. However Karma is coming around because she married Harrison Linthicum in January now he is in the Harrison County Jail for a sleu of charges ranging from controlled substances for bringing drugs on a military base to fraternization which Johnna is the reason for a lot of that because she was supporting his drug habits. This woman tries to come off like she is innocent but she is a wicked witch. She needs to be put on blast because she does not and do not care who she disrespected or hurt.

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