Sr Airman Johnna Stephens- Davenport Linthicum carried on an affair with a married man who was at that time a 1st Lieutenant Harrison Linthicum. Johnna with no regards to the marriage knew of Harrisons marriage to Jackie and was aware both had some drug issues. This was something that both were trying to work on their marriage. Take into account Johnna herself was married to another man Cody Davenport but what did she do she poured much salt into a another womans marriage to pursue a married man instead of working on her own marriage. Harrison who was eventually arrested by the military and was being watched due to his blatant disregard to his duty to the miltary and his marriage was arrested thanks to Johnna who was doing drugs and supporting his habit. Yes people Johnna left a marriage that she was unhappy in to go get in a relationship with her so called soulmate who has a drug habit. To add more craziness to this story Johnna became pregnant by Harrison while he was still with his wife Johnna. Once again let me reiterate Harrison was at fault but Johnna was relentless in pursuing despite the fact she had been told by Harrison himself that he and Jackie were trying to work on things. This crazy fool within four months of sleeping with Harrison goes and get a tattoo on her ass saying, property of Harrison. This tells you the mentality of this young lady. Eventually Harrison was picked up by police for his dereliction of duty, having controlled substances, and fraternization. Harrison has been court martialed from the Air Force. Interesting enough Johnna is the reason why Harrison is in the situation that he is in. Johnna has been going around holding venom towards the ex wife Jackie blaming her for Harrisons arrest. No Johnna this is your fault for being a homewrecker and not respecting others. You are a hateful psycho that needs to be put on blast. By the way since you chased down Harrison Linthicum why not use his name on your Facebook page since you so proud to be with him. So people to see this cheating ass Sr Airman who is serving as a flight nurse go to her Facebook page Johnna Davenport and then Twitter handle is Jay_Renee under Johnna Linthicum. Let Johnna understand that God will not bring her someone elses husband one her soulmate.

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