Cheater to the max! Beyond any person I have ever experienced. Lives double, triple, quadruple lives with “girlfriends” online and all over. Serial online dater. BEWARE has HPV and other STDs!!!!!!!! comes off as a very sweet, lovable fun guy BEWARE! He is full of stories of his alleged hard, abusive upbringing but these are ploys to get you to feel sorry for him. He will also claim to be a loving and excellent father to his infant daughter but is a DEADBEAT DAD. Spending money on his philandering ways and numerous online sexual relationships instead of providing the BARE NEEDS for his child. If you run into this guy RUN AWAY FAST!!!! He is an excellent manipulator and smooth talker. AND he is persistent!! Which makes you think he cares BUT HE IS JUST USING YOU AND TRYING TO FEEL IN CONTROL BY SWAYING YOU!!!!!!!!!

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