I was in a relationship with this guy for about 8 years only to find out he had been in another relationship at the same time with another girl for half that time. He gave me an STD which means he cheated more than once since I get tested yearly. Recently one of his current girlfriends hit me up on Facebook telling me he had been cheating on her and wanted to know details from OUR relationship. Nothing but pure drama! This guy will never change. One time we broke up because I caught him texting a girl he had in his phone under “big t*t s**t” and another under “best b******b”. He seems normal at first and knows how to charm you and LIE but don’t be fooled! He will lie until you catch him red-handed and unfortunately for me I believed the lies for 8 years!! Please don’t waste precious time like I did. I had to move across the country to finally get rid of him.

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