This is my friend’s husband, Jordon LeGault. He is the biggest POS to ever walk this earth. Psychotic is the understatement of the year when describing this douchebag.

He has ruined her and the kids lives and does not feel one ounce of remorse for anything he has done to them. He will tell anyone and everyone that will listen lies on top of lies about himself, my gf, and how he’s a victim and how wonderful a person he is. He has spent the past two years ruining her life, financially, her reputation, and business. Abuse doesn’t even begin to explain what he has done to her and her 2 girls. He’s been threatening to have her arrested and put in jail with a battery charge by beating himself up, calling cops and lying to them. Well Jordon’s an idiot and he did just that and it backfired on him and Jordon landed himself in jail for 2 days. She has a year long restraining order against him and 100% custody of the baby. Karmas a ***** . Not only has he done that, but he’s called the cops And lied and told them she was trying to kill herself- she wasn’t- he was trying to have her admitted to the psych hospital to start building a custody case against her for the baby. He’s sto ***** her car keys a million times, her and her oldest iPhones, he put a tracker on her car, he has treated her oldest daughter like ***** and has even said horrible things about my friend to her daughter! This guy is grade A certified nuts. He’s also cheated on her with multiple women- shes caught him, and he has no remorse, blames her. They share a beautiful baby girl that he only cares about when he’s taking one of his usual selfies to post on social media to keep up appearances. He hasn’t seen their baby in almost 2 months. My gf caught him on Tinder and ***** ble and now he is ***** a local Tampa school teacher named Alexandra Salup who is too stupid to realize what a s ***** bag this guy is bc he’s manipulated her. So it won’t be long before she’s knocked up and her life is ruined- same thing he did to my friend. He uses his modeling pics from 10 Years ago to lure these clueless girls in and also forgets to inform them that he is still married to my friend. While he’s seeing that chick and whoever else, he’s been har ***** ing and contacting my friend to get back together! He’s a total narcissist! He no longer has a job, he’s broke, his credit is ruined, he can’t even pay his bills and the job he did have he stole money from the clients! He is now being sued by some of them! He’s A spiteful arrogant ***** . My gf finally filed for divorce and even though he’s in a relationship he is trying to drag it out any way he can! He begs her to come back to him, buys her stuff, has even risked jail time by violating his restraining order and showing up at her house and contacting her! He spends every weekend at the bars, drinking, boating etc with some of the biggest douchebags in Tampa. Everyone also thinks he’s gay and he would do gay webcam ***** in their bedroom! She caught all the videos and pictures of him ***** ing off in their bed in the middle of a workday. The babysitter and the baby would be downstairs and my gf at work. He’s so gross. He is the devil and needs to go back to the dark pits of ***** where he came from.


Tampa, Florida

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