Joslynn Kreitzbender, Boise, Idaho, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Joslynn Kreitzbender, Boise, Idaho is as follows: Joslynn, You know it has been almost 90 days since my husband told me the truth. Yes over Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, it will haunt me with heart ache for a while but in time it will heal. I am still hurt by the whole ordeal. It even went through our sons 2nd birthday Easter and our wedding anniversary, too many wonderful days were destroyed by both of your actions. I guess because it was a double betrayal.; What I mean by this is, you called me and ask for my help, I would have or shall I say I did go above and beyond for you. I helped you get your college application done, I took you to all your appointments with the PO. I took you to all your drug rehab classes. I bought you cigarettes when you needed them. I bought you food to eat and provided a home for you to live in and even bought you clothing. I included you in everything I or my family did. How you could do what you did to me is beyond my comprehension. Cody is a story all of his own. He is working hard to recover what he came close to destroying. Men can make mistakes and have an affair however that does not mean the do not love the person they are married to.; He has his own issues he is working on to recover our marriage he betrayed. But I am addressing you on our issues, A friendship we had until I confronted you. Why or how could you do that to a person that had your best intentions for your success in mind? How do you live with yourself? Dont you feel some shame in your actions? Do you even care that your actions were and did play some part in my marriage? Yes it takes two, but after all I did for you why would you chose to be hurtful hateful and deceptive towards a person that was there for you and helping you? I was taking away from myself and my 2yr old son to help you. Your fines, food, cigarettes and the gas money, money I spent on your clothing and yes, even the phone.; Yes! It was money that would have gone other places if not for me a so called friend providing for you at the time you needed to get on your feet. I was helping you until you could stand on your own two feet. How Joslynn could you act like my friend and still sleep with my husband and still look me in the eyes like nothing ever happened? How can you laugh and joke with me acting as if nothing happened. And lie to Heather and Monique and I am sure Brandon about the whole ordeal? Just to cover your own actions. You want to blame someone else instead of taking responsibility for your own actions. You tell people I wanted this to happen. Really? Then why keep it a secret from me? Tell me what wife in a 7 year marriage that just bought a home with her husband just finalized adoption of our son 6 months prior to me finding out the truth, would want her husband to have an affair with someone beneath her status? I am addressing you with this because you acted like my friend to my face but some how betrayed me as well as my husband betrayed me. Please enlighten me! I helped you with a job! An easy job that you got paid good money for and complained about because all you had to do is answer the phone sit on your butt and watch tv! Wow.. That was really hard work huh? I also paid you to babysit! You never did without, but you felt the need to step in where you had no business being. As my husband stepped out. Yes my crime was allowing another woman live under my roof, but I had trust in you, I saw you dating other men I would have never believed it was not enough for the two of you to betray me.The funny thing is you would ask to borrow hairspray, shampoo, clothing, makeup but you never ask to borrow my husband. Because you are sneaky, and it was a selfish move on your part. You never said you were sorry for what you did, just sorry that you were caught! WHY? Because Cody came to me and told me the truth of his infidelities. Not that it was right that he had to tell me in the first place because he betrayed our marriage you betrayed a friendship and you both betrayed me. For the record, Cody told me everything .Yes I even read everything from your sexting conversation and nude pictures you sent to him. You were the one that initiated the messages Joslynn, by you sending the pixs and text first, I read them all. You even got jealous when he laid on the couch with me and you stated you didnt like seeing him with me and he told you that was my wife. You said you didnt care you didnt like it. And he told me everything even ejaculating on your leg in the front seat of my car while you straddled him, and in the back seat, how you would sit on the recliner and try to rub his shoulders and shaking your butt and rubbing your crotch telling him how board and Horney you were. Even when you told him you owed him a blowjob and he accepted and then all the time he screwed you in a home we had built together, he also told you, ÔThis couldnt happen again that it would destroy me and that the both of you couldnt do it again, you would always sayÉ yeah I knowÉ. Your favorite words. But you still pushed him and pursued him because you had something to hold over his head and he was afraid of telling me. Until he said I didnt deserve what he did to our marriage and told me the truth. Why would you continue to do this when you were sleeping with so many people you met from you met Brandon at rehab? God I felt so bad when you told me Brandon needed to come over because his sister was doing drugs in the bathroom at his house while his parents were in salt lake and you needed to be there for him. Just 2 days after you slept with Cody. Is it because you thought you had him in a corner and you could do whatever you could because you and he had this big secret? How could you sleep with him and then you sit on the porch laughing and joking with me like nothing happened? You acted like such a good friend to my face knowing you had just screwed him. Now I understand why he started fights with me it was his guilt. and why you were always worried I was upset at you for some reason. You know Joslynn I really wanted to help you, I was sincere about helping you, I chose to help you from my heart. However, this wasnt your first rodeo though. You did the same thing to Heather with Anthony, you did the same thing to Fantasia with Stacy ,and you did the same thing to me with Cody? How does that make you feel? Do you feel any guilt? Oh believe me, Cody is just as guilty as you if not more so because he was in a married commitment.; However In a marriage, things can be worked on along with counseling. I guess when you opened up and started sending naked pictures of yourself in my bathroom to my husband while you were living under my roof had no effect on your conscious because you didnt care. You wanted what you wanted when you wanted it. I think it is a challenge to you to see how you can use your body to get what you want. But you didnt, thats the thing. With all of this, I have accepted my husband replacing my car that you both disrespected me in with. Yes, a New car right off the show room, I also accepted his attempt in buying me a 2.5 kt ring to replace the old one that he so disrespected with you, I did ripped the chain off his neck that I worked so hard to buy him for Christmas. Cody bought me a new living room set and we donated the couch you and he screwed on to the same place you did you community service at. And yes Being that I bought everything you had I threw it away or donated it! After all, I have receipts for everything and still have them. I also have receipts for fantasias things that you stole from her bringing them to my home calling them yours. Just because you lost things in the drug related home you lived in before you came to mine. You didnt not own anything. I am sure you told all your friends some long sob story that I threw away everything of yours but sweetheart, you and I both know the truth dont we? I bought almost all that you had you didnt even own the luggage you brought with you that belonged to Fantasia, I know because I bought the luggage for her. To continue, Cody put in hardwood floors and gave our home a complete facelift. inside and out. Not to have any visual of where the two of you screwed throughout my home. Even though you were only worth him ejaculating on to while you were on your knees on the dirty floors where the dogs may have pissed or defecated at one time or another. When you rode to ND, Even on the side of the highway because you were never worth a bed to lay in. AT least not to him, you were just sex. If he wanted more from you Joslynn, you would still be around but your not. I also told him if he really wanted to make our marriage work he needed to remortgage the house in my name under a different loan. Guess what? He did.; Every day he shows me how important I am and how remorseful he is. However please dont think I have or I am making his life easy because of all he has done for me, because I am making it a highway to hell and he really has to prove to me he really dont want to live on that level. Yes Joslynn he did this all. Because he made a horrible mistake and still wants our marriage to work, BTW, I can say I did make him get a full STD screen, Thank god he is disease free, But you should really get checked after all you were sleeping with Stacy and you know Austin has herpes and you were sleeping with all of those drug dealers and drug users. But for the record Cody is free from what could have been the end. I mean you just had chlamydia in October, How many times in your life have you hade VDs? You should be worried and practice safer sex. As so should have Cody. Dont you want to have children? Well if you are all rotted out from all the sex diseases you will destroy your baby maker and that will only be a dream for you. You know, you were the only weak point in our marriage, when we were having problems that is when you took advantage of the situation. But your only outlet was using your body as with any man anybody that says they want to fuck them and parades around the way you did would make most men weak, and there are some men that wouldnt. Unfortunately my husband was the fool. Cody was that person at one time . How I felt so proud when I would tell you how lucky I was because my husband would never cheat.; How you must have laughed under your breath when I said that to you because you both were committing adultery right under my nose. How stupid I was to let you in another woman in my home how stupid was I to believe in you and trust you. You are a, lose, cheap whore. How does that make you feel? Cody? Well now he has been shamed a cheater and it will take a lot on his part to prove to me. Its called marriage something you know nothing about because you cheated on you own husband of like what 8 months? But tomatoes tomatos. The truth and the fact is Cody, he told me the truth. Joslynn, could you honestly say that if you ever cheated you would tell your spouse? I believe the answer is no because you paraded around my home with your so called secret. You also paraded around your best friends home screwing her boyfriend and using her friendships well And god only knows how many other times you have done this. You should be happy that people are helping you and you should not trash those that do, like lying to your friends just to make you look like the one who is in need, when you are the one that put yourself where youre at to begin with. You have no one to blame for your own actions but yourself. Like instead of complaining that Brandons mom is a nosey blab la blaÉ maybe you should understand she has genuine concern for her son. So if he is locked in his bathroom for hours at a time relapsing taking acid and you didnt want to come down stairs to answer her questions because she so much drama. Think of her helping you out. Or maybe he just dont want to be around you.. Oh and lets not forget that you are forbidden to be together. Because you are needing treatment yourself. And lets not forget the spying on me taking pictures off my fB page laughing and joking with your friends. This is such a very low class move. Also joking with your friends about filing false harassment charges on me. Again low class. Remember you are the one that has a bad reputation and needs to be welcomed back into society. You shouldnt go around telling your friends that Brandon disgust you because he is relapsing and doing drugs and picking at his face and body because of his drug abuse and being high on acid and not reporting to his probation officer.; You shouldnt be telling everyone he is going to commit suicide. These are things that need to be addressed otherwise you are just as much at fault. You need to learn to support one another not be an anchor. Youre such a needy person and so jealous. Like wow! you fucked my husbandÉ. and youre worried your boyfriend is riding in the car with another girl? Wow you really are a silly little girl. Maybe you should remember you two are not supposed to be around each other.. oops did I hit a nerve, your so called cute FB page Jolo Steve that is supposed to be hush hush, Just so you know on March 2nd for the record I called your accent and gave them my name when I told them you no longer live here that all I told them as far as Adreian yes I had to tell him why I was asking you to leave and why I gave you 72 hours to move because by law I had to and he needed to know the reason why you were being asked to leave my home. I made one call to accent and a call to your PO. I am 48 not 24.. Your lies will always catch up.. oh thats right they already have. Wink winkÉ mauh!! Your new PO has the same rules about users being with other users. You seem to only go out with people that have money or that you think you can get ahead in life. You use people to get what you need or want. You use people and god forbid they have a man living with them you will find a way to use them or use use sex to try to get what you want. Why do you lie?; You tell people the truth to a point but never the whole truth. I even told you when you were sleeping with your best friends boyfriend you were breaking the womans code! And the whole time you were laughing at me because you had already slept with my husband, and he wasnt even home 5 days from ND, you were here a month, you didnt even know Cody nor he you and you slept with him right after Christmas him being just as guilty but we are talking about what you did to ME. After everything I did for you, all the clothes and make up and nice things I bought you. Hell Joslynn I even paid your restitution and probation fees. You know, Cody is a husband and that is way different than a boyfriend you can just walk away from. There are a lot of legalities that go along with marriage, its not like you can just say by Felicia and walk. There is a child to think of, a business to think of, and legal assets to consider and believe it or not a law that was broken. But you dont care because you never had that, you even cheated on your military husband while he was on tour. You have no heart. And no guilt that follows your actions. This is why you will never learn. You call me psycho? Boise is a very small town, Did you know that Alex knows Amber and a few other people in MY circle yeah its a small small world, lets not forget Danny tooÉand I have a few friend on my friends that know Brandon too and a few people he works with people I have known since I have been here in 09, There is the ranch club buffalo club as well as many clubs and people you really cant believe the world isnt an open place where people just dont know other people. Really? Are you really that naive? I dont troll your FB pages coping pictures of my life and talking and laughing with friends I dont premeditate filing false harassment charges about me to Monique, By the way a person with children that you can bring down. So for your sake and hers just because your life is messed up dont try to bring others down with your delusional misconceptions. Harassment for the record, is if I am causing you harm stalking you calling you with threatening behavior in which I have not done, maybe you need to research the definition. but you and your little friends on the other hand have.; Yes darling I have proof. Remember I loaned you a phone? Remember you left all you applications open for the world to see. Oh yes that is another thing I did for you I got you a phone and you gladly accepted it after you were sleeping with my husband. See Joslynn, you are a user and a taker. . I would like to say this has been a healing moment for me because it has, I have no reason to have guilt as to what you and Cody did to me. I Joslynn did nothing wrong but be a good wife and a helpful friend. You darling ,have every reason to be hateful towards as well as Cody. But for me to hate you ,I would have to have loved you and you are not worth that. I may have considered it in the beginning because you were my god daughters best friend and I with the kindness of my heart was willing to help you but you wanted more. At least I can say I do have a husband that wants this marriage to work yes he made a mistake yes he slept with you, yes just because he had sex with you, never meant he didnt love me, you were just sex, it was a physical act.. Women are more emotional.. But you were someone that he could get off on.. Just like you got off on me with your last laugh. But, you are the one on probation, you are the one without a home of your own, you are the one that has to be forced to classes, Church wont save you , you have to much Sodom and Gomora on your side You need more than god to fix your broken issues. I didnt break my marriage you and Cody did and right now he is trying his best to fix his major fubar. It will be up to me to forgive him and try to make it work! But youÉÉ. I cant help but laugh because however hard I was hurt, I have strength to dust my britches off and put on my big girl panties on and move forward. You have to face your own demons and figure out who you are first before you can even think about being successful in life.. I am very glad I was able to sit down and write this letter, it was very healing to me. Because I feel if you have an ounce of remorse of self-respect you should feel really stupid for what you did to me and my son and what I thought was a friendship, but I guess in your eyes I was just another person you could use to get a head. And if you dont?; Well, all I can say is, you will be the one standing up to answer your sins and you know the truth, You cant lie to yourself Joslynn. You know what you did was wrong and you know the same thing that you did to me in which I DID not DESERVE and you know it.. The same thing you did to your other friends might just sink in. Keep your friend close but keep your enemies closer.. so maybe an apology would start washing some of your sins away, and I am not talking about just screwing my husband because he will be a busy little bee fixing that his self. I am talking about your betrayal, your sneakiness and lies to me about me, that Joslynn, I believe is your real first step in your recovery. Boise is a very small town and I am sure we will meet again.

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