This man Julian Chow in the photo is having an affair with my wife. She have been working under him for more than a year. He have been finding excuses to go on business trips with her.

During those trips, he will try to win her sympathy by mentioning how his ex wife divorced him and not letting him visit their child. But in actual fact which I learned after some digging, he abandoned his sick wife and young child in her homeland and refused to pay maintenance order by court. He also left the job in Macau in disgrace after caught swindling money from the company. He is in the senior management and yet he sleep around with other man wife cos it is FREE. Even the hotel expense was claim from the company. For those that have wife that worked with him before, sorry mate your wife have been used. This man is nothing but a s ***** bag. Highly educated but with no shame.


Hong Kong

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