Commentary about Justin Arroyo, Brooklyn, NY posted to From : Laure Levy posted on 2015-07-12 Conde Nast Mens Vogue Lafayette 148 Calvin Klein Bridgeport Agnes B 8/8/73 Justin Arroyo is drunk, an alcoholic, an addict and a homewrecker. He is a compulsive liar and cheater. Moved in with his sugar mommy and her kids when she was still married. This guy has no morals, no shame. He is a mooch,a parasite. He boasts about living in Park Slope he doesn’t even pay his own rent, his rent is paid by his wife’s first husband. Justin Arroyo lives life by manipulating people. From : jamieplatt posted on 2010-10-21 The guy on the left with the New Order t-shirt is pretty hot. Sorry to hear about what ur ex did mate. I’m sure you will find better just like the rest of us non-cheaters x From : plee33 posted on 2010-06-03 lol the arm next to her is me From : sickerthanm0st posted on 2010-04-23 uhh, just curious…but how is a picture of the cunt by herself “proof?” I’m sure she’s a skank like you say. my ex of 3 years who aborted my baby, was named danae and cheated on me too. all those with that name must be hoes From : yahoodiesod posted on 2010-03-10 a young whore,she just needs to be trained properly and then one can deal more appropiately with her..why your needs will be met and you can pimp the lil bitch out….it works From : Horndog posted on 2010-03-09 She is a pig. Plee33, you should spend money more wisely. But you have a house, enjoy it. From : Crowpup posted on 2010-03-08 not cute at all, sucks for you From : plee33 posted on 2010-03-08 The one on me was after I went out and bought a house for us…Stupid of me being only 22 and not yet married. Now I’m stuck in this house, with all the memories From : plee33 posted on 2010-03-08 Danae cheated on her on and off boyfriend of 5 years twice, cheated on another guy in that 5 year span, then also cheated on me. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Justin Arroyo, Brooklyn, NY is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Justin Arroyo, Brooklyn, NY by the users were preserved.


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