This girl LOVES married men!! Especially if they are going through any tough times with their wives and/or work at the same company as her. That’s how she mainly finds them – work (watch out if your man works at Russell’s Heating & Cooling in Chesapeake, Virginia or Weber and Grahn in Hampton Bays, New York).

3 years ago she went after my husband of 16 years, but when we ended up working things out she moved on to sleeping with another co-worker: her WAY YOUNGER stepbrother (which you may not think is that bad, but she actually used to introduce him to everyone as her brother)!! She then proceeded to mess with at least 2 other married men from the same company, one of which she was best friends with the wife (and stayed “friends” with her during the entire affair). Did I also mention that she is/was a heroin addict who loves to get these husbands (all of which are FATHERS as well) to “party” with her? She’s so desperate she pays for EVERYTHING – cell phones, hotel rooms, food, drugs, car rides, etc. She recently started talking to my husband again in the beginning of June 2017 even though she was moving to Virginia. The night she was supposed to head down there she got high, hit a deer and had my husband out at 2am fixing her car while she continued to sniff drugs in a friend of ours garage. Then, even after she went down to Virginia, she continued to contact my husband – talking to him all day/night (even throughout our sons moving up graduation and other family events) and using apps to create fake cell phone numbers. She VERY RECENTLY drove all the way back to Long Island, paid for drugs and a hotel room, picked my husband up from the side job he was doing just to spend Sa ***** ay night and most of Sunday with him. He wouldn’t even answer his own son’s phone calls which caused him to get upset and ask “is daddy ever coming home?”. Afterwards, she dropped him off at MY friends house Sunday afternoon so that he could pretend he slept there (DUMB!!). Then she started texting me pretending like she wasn’t on Long Island, that he wouldn’t answer her calls/texts, that she was worried about him being missing for so long and then TRIED to throw nasty digs and insult me. She even had the nerve to tell me to look at his ring finger and ask me what I was going to do about it. Meanwhile, after she started driving back to Virginia, she continued to Snapchat my husband telling him she wanted to kill me, how much she loves him, how no matter what happened she didn’t regret the weekend and that she hoped he enjoyed himself and had a good time (guess he didn’t have that good of a time as he slept with me Sunday night and then every night since). She continued to say that she was going insane not being able to hear his voice with me around and that she wanted to mail him a phone to use so that she could. This piece of trash goes out of her way to pursue these husbands even when she’s in another state. She’s so desperate that there’s few things she won’t do (or body part she won’t use) to try and keep these men in her life. Unfortunately for her they usually end up back working things out with the REAL women in their life. There was obviously either no one/no parents around to teach her any morals or she keeps her (what would be embarr ***** ing to any self respecting parent) real life a secret from family. Someone should at least teach this poor, pathetic, desperate girl that “Keep a Man 101” is to A- not be easy and B- to definitely not tell someone your crazy ***** loves them within the first month of talking to them. I guess no matter how many times she fails at using money, flattery and an easily opened mouth and legs to try and keep a man but fail, she doesn’t learn and keeps trying. So be careful ladies! Even my mother says she hopes whatever man is with her wraps it up so they don’t catch something as she’s a well known HomeWrecker who will almost definitely give them an std.


Riverhead, New York

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