He had a wife and did her dirty. He left her with 7 kids. I had no clue who he was until I did a background check. He started messing with my sister got her pregnant and left her.

He is a repeat offender. He doesn’t take care of his responsibilities but look what he is wearing?? He will steal your heart, use all your money and move on to the next female. He used my sister up so bad she ended up losing her apartment. He is still married walking around like he is single. I’m just warning you ladies dont allowed him near your purse, your heart, your kids. Dont do any business around him because he was working for the feds and snitched my brother out. I found he lived in Florence NJ me not knowing not only did he get my sister pregnant and left but he also was ***** ing my cousin CeeCee from Roebling Nj and got her pregnant and left her. He will wreck your family and leave you crying. KAREEM ***** ERSON AKA PEENUT YOU ARE BEING EXPOSED. CHEATER, LIAR, W ***** , THIEF, FED TELLER, FAKE CRIP, BROKE, LEAVING YOUR WIFE, YOUR 2 GIRLFRIEND’S YOU IMPREGNATED, INFECTION HAVING, TESTING POSITIVE FOR HERPES HOE. BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP, BURLINGTON CITY, FLORENCE NJ, ROEBLING NJ. CAMDEN, BE ON THE LOOK OUT HE IS A WALKING DISEASE AND A THREAT TO FEMALES


Camden, New Jersey

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