Karen had an affair with my husband. She had sex with him in her car while they would be on their lunch breaks. They worked together at Pepsi in Garner NC. I had nicley asked her if she was having an affair with my husband. There were emails and pictures. She at first denied everything. Then later I had to hear from her all the details of the affair. She also is married. The worst feeling in the world is to betrayed by the one vowed to spend the rest of your life with. I asked her why and she replied to me saying he had away with words. I asked her didnÕt you know he had a wife and a small child she said she was so caught up and the affair had brought excitement. She inboxed me all the details of the whole affair. If all woman would have respect for themselves the husband wouldnÕt have anyone to cheat with. This affair destroyed my marriage.

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