I just wanted to take a moment and let people know about the real Kari Crawford. For those of you who think she is this wonderful person let me share with you what she did in her last relationship. She manipulated this person in order to feed her gambling addiction took money from her racked up bills lead her to believe that she needed help to take care of her boys knowing full well that this person would not say no. She owes this person at least $5000 for money that went strictly for gambling. She is a terrible mother neglecting her children. Lead this person to believe that she cared about her when in reality it was all just a scam. She should not be trusted in any way. She refuses to pay back any money owed and at one point attempted to break in to this personÕs house to steal things. After 5 years of being together with this person Kari told her that she wasnÕt gay and never loved this person. She spent her time away from work sleeping all day eating and being a neglectful parent to her youngest son. So be warned of what youÕre getting involved in with Kari.

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