SheÕs very young married to a stand up looking dude but was hitting on my man bc of where she works and sheÕs not happy. He and I were going thru a rough patch but we were still together. She starts calling and being obsessive. I moved away but he came right after me after hanging out with the girl got him fired. I thought I was over him but itÕs been 18 years and I didnÕt want to lose him. She knew about me the entire time and was happy to be with him when I wasnÕt. I feel sorry for her husband Shane Petersen who has a great job and provides for his wife. I made him choose and it was me and he hasnÕt spoken to her for 2 years. We ran into her at her place of business last week and she already has claws out apparently she was in love w my man and admitted she would divorce her husband if she could. 6 months ago I married my man and while he has not done anything that I wouldnÕt like I donÕt know how to trust he will never speak to this cunt again. Someone please tell her husband. They are from South Dakota.

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