Kasi Heniser Illinois, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Kasi Heniser Illinois is as follows: Mothers day 2010 I was spending the day with my 6 kids and husband. It was a good day, we were outside and getting our camper in order for the camping season making plans for an amazing summer. My husband had been tight with his cell phone lately but I never thought anything of it. He always claimed to be raised right and men who beat or cheat are scum of the earth. My cell phone battery went dead and I needed to make a call so I asked to see his. He gave me a look like I needed to be more responsible and keep my phone charged. I was using the phone when all of a sudden he received a text which said Òso when will I get to see you againÓ and ÒI had a great time fridayÓ the contact name came up as ********** ****** hospital. Very strange and I thought back to Friday in which I recalled my husband being off work but I had work and a doctor appointment immediately after work so I had been calling my husband to make sure that he remembered to pick up our daughter from daycare because I had the appointment. I couldnt get a hold of him and was worried he would forget. He finally called me and eased my mind.; When I arrived home, he was acting very nervous and strange. He couldnt sit still and or make eye contact with me. I had important news to tell him about a lump the doctor found in my breast however he couldnt be still for even a minute. I finally told him and he had a look of complete shock and told me he loved me and he was scared. My mother died of breast cancer not much older than me. So back to d day. I started shaking and text the number back to call me. When she called I didnt say anything not hello nothing just answered and then she said hello **** and I started trembling in sheer horror. How can this happen to my perfect family! I spoke. I said this is ***** wife why can you not wait to see him again? She hung up. I text her over and over and when I said I will find out who you are and that will be a bad day for you or you can woman up.; She finally text me that they are just friends. Friends dont have to be secretive. I shook and I went outside where dear husband was with our kids and I screamed at him. All 3 of our grown boys were ready to beat their dads ass! One balled his fist up the other screamed at him cursing him out and I was actually in shock still. Our baby who was 2 did the know what was going on and our pre teens were confused. I was confused. I was always told confusion is the work of the devil. My husband denied everything and we argued. I cried. I Asked If She Was Just A Friend Then Why disguise her contact name as a hospital name and the very hospital she worked at? Oh we just talk at work and she gave me her number shes a little crazy and was having trouble with her fiancŽ and she wanted a friend to talk to is his response. Why do cheaters alway portray themselves as the hero figure just there to help? Be my hero as my husband not every other Ho bag in the universe, be mine. I need a friend too, I am alone with all of our kids most of the time because of his schedule other than my job and I needed a friend to talk to and to text me nice things. I felt alone too and needed someone but I would have sought out the man I married not a stranger. I looked at his Facebook which is something I had never done before and almost fainted. The private messages went into detail about him picking her up and them going to Washington County lake and screwing in his truck. Our truck. Our daughters car seat was in the back seat didnt the sight of that make him want to stop? I showed him what I found and he admitted everything. He said she wouldnt leave him alone after that one time and that she was crazy. He said she told him how she had a felony and so many DUI charges. He said he couldnt stand chatting with her and didnt want to be around her on a regular basis he just thinks he had a problem calling it tiger woods syndrome. I looked up her court records under judici.com Washington County I could see all of her public records and criminal activities. I wish I could add adultery to the list which is a crime. I cant believe she works at the hospital in town. I called the hospital administrator and asked them if then knew she was a felon and they said yes. Why is there a felon working at (removed) hospital in Nashville Illinois? People should know about it and if a felon is administering drugs to them and their care. The hospital doesnt care. My family will not be utilizing their services ever again. I also told her fiancŽ (removed) and he was so angry he told her to get out but then let her stay. He told me he was going to kick my husbands ass! I begged him not to because we have kids and I didnt want them to witness violence. He calmed down and I even sugar-coated the situation later just so he would calm down and not cause a scene or get violent. I lied to him and told him after reading their messages further that they were just friends and nothing happened. Saved her butt in the process however my kids are more important.; We worked it out and went to counseling he promised he would do whatever it took. The counselor said he had an addiction and needed regular counseling which he quit after 4 months. Everything remained good for a few years. I would see her now and then and she would be friends of our friends on Facebook and it would infuriate me that she walked away with no problems. When she would comment on things of our friends I finally posted a comment that she was a whore who liked to screw married men at the lake. All I accomplished was making everyone we knew mad at me for causing public drams which I understand but they needed to put themselves in my shoes and understand how I felt about what she did to me and my kids.; We ultimately moved away to get away from her but it honestly didnt make it any easier. I still dont know the entire truth and never will and Im sure they still talked because his job was affiliated with hers. After dealing with it for so long and crying for months I finally decided Im better and our kids are better than that. We are no longer together because of one woman, a whore who thought it would be fun to tear apart a family. Thank you Miss Heniser for what you have done to a family. Yes he did it too however he didnt pry her legs open and as women we should respect each other and understand what it is that we are putting another woman threw. The hurt and pain never goes away. There will always be reminders especially when I try to enjoy the one day of the year that should be most special to me, Mothers day.

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