This is Kate Holland, a nurse at Walter Reed Medical Hospital. Greg Pizzute is currently a patient there for severe ptsd and substance abuse. He is also married. In the beginning Kate was most likely an innocent. My husband and I are separated after his alcohol and heroin addiction led to his life spiraling out of control, including losing his military career, going $45grand in debt in less than a year, 5 rounds of rehab, having only 1 of 3 children willing to even speak to him, and his numerous numerous affairs, mostly with anyone who can help him score (and how perfect is a nurse in his eyes?). Im the first to say what an idiot I am, sticking around through all of this. We separated with the full intention of divorce, but after everything he had done to everyone around him, he had no one else. I felt trapped into being the one he leaned on, but it was so completely heartbreaking to watch him struggle alone, even if he had done it to himself. Throughout the year we had inexplicably gotten closer, divorce stopped coming up, and I stupidly believed his so called sobriety was clearing the fog out of his mind. Due to our initial separation I moved with our kids back to my home state, and he ended up being stationed at Walter Reed for more help with his addictions. Little did I know that the entire time that hes been telling me he loves me and telling our youngest hes coming home, hes been having yet another affair, with Kate Holland. I do believe in the beginning he most likely told her he was divorced, if he brought up ever being married at all. Hard to hold anything against her right? I mean, yeah be smarter, maybe do a google search or question why everything has to be so private and secret, ask a question or 2. But now Kate knows. Kate is a home wrecker. Kate is still continuing to not only continue her relationship with my husband, but this ÷nurse is also enabling his very serious addictions, all without a care in the world. Kate is also contributing to his massive financial pit by getting him to go to bars or to get new tattoos, probably doing drugs together and yet never seeming to notice or care every 2 weeks hes hundreds of dollars overdrawn trying to impress her, while hes $16grand behind in child support alone. Kate knew my husband was making promises to our daughter, knowing full well she would have him break those. Kate knew he came to visit for 3 weeks knowing full well he was with his wife and children, and did nothing but text and call the whole time. Kate was no longer innocent. I am finally doing what I should have done years ago, getting a divorce. But to Kate, Id like to say good luck, you have no idea what a ride of lies you are in for. And I can promise you that with only minimal digging youd be able to unravel all his pathological lies if you were smart enough to see whats right in front of you. And unfortunately for Kate, she will soon see she is not the only one, there are 2 others currently, and were others over the summer, not including the ÷escort he paid. You may also want to check out every sleazy hookup site out there, he has a profile on all of them. But if you can abuse your position over a patient you probably arent the kind to care about anyone or anything other than yourself.

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